Adam Goldin shares his writing as a featured columnist for local news sources.

In these articles, you will find information pertaining to foreign policy and international affairs.

“North Korea’s advancing missile program presents our policy makers with a devilish dilemma. Do they take military action now to avoid a potentially cataclysmic war later, or do they pursue negotiations that could put the U.S. mainland in the cross hairs if they fail?”

The North Korea menace

Adam Goldin, Columnist, Daily Local News

“The flailing Trump administration is a danger to U.S. prosperity and international peace. While this may seem histrionic, the current chaos can have dangerous consequences as we manage the rocky shoals of international affairs. The U.S. must manage China’s emergence as a major power, nurture relations with allies, counter Russia’s revanchism and coordinate global warming mitigation efforts, yet the administration still hasn’t made senior-level appointments to the State Department and has alienated several allies. We take our current peace and prosperity for granted, assuming it’s preordained, but complacency is a dangerous hallucination.”

Frittering away peace and prosperity

Adam Goldin, Columnist, The Mercury

“When one thinks about Middle East turmoil, one traditionally envisions the northern countries. Conflicts between Israel and Egypt were common until the 1979 peace agreement, and skirmishes between Israel and Lebanon occur all too frequently today. The Iran/Iraq war raged in the 1980s, Iraq invaded Kuwait in the early 1990s, and today Syria, Iraq and Libya have all recently been subsumed by war. Conversely, relations between the gulf monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have been relatively tranquil. However, Saudi Arabia’s struggle with Iran for regional hegemony has led to rising tensions between a Saudi-led group of nations and Qatar.”

Middle East turmoil spreads to the Persian Gulf region

Adam Goldin, Columnist, The Mercury