Adam Goldin

Adam is a macroeconomist with years of expertise assessing international economics. He’s also a seasoned country and political risk analyst.

Adam Goldin is a Philadelphia-based macroeconomist specializing in international and financial issues.



Adam writes the European macroeconomic round-up, covering recent performance, forecasts, and key risks and assumptions.

Financial Expertise

Adam has an accomplished history evaluating issuers’ financial structure, debt management, economic condition and management quality.


Educational Excellence

Adam earned his graduate degree in Economics at Fordham. He also has a graduate degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University.

Based in Philadelphia

Adam Goldin currently works in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. When not in the office, Adam enjoys exploring all the very best that the city has to offer.

Adam Goldin’s work emphasizes his longstanding interest in international affairs which culminated in years of academic and professional experience.

Adam Goldin has always been passionate about international affairs. Goldin is quite the history buff, and has always been fascinated by the way countries interact with one another. When reviewing historical events, Goldin observes the strategies used by various governments when making alliances during wars and other periods of international tension.

It all began when Adam was a precocious child reading the New York Times every day. He was fascinated with the Vietnam War, reading about the conflict avidly, which led to a greater interest in international affairs as a whole. It comes as no surprise that in school, Goldin’s favorite subject was social studies.

Adam was very conscientious in school and when it came time for college, he attended Binghamton University. There, he fell in love with economics and political science and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in both subjects.

Goldin’s drive to succeed academically did not end there. He went on to get his Masters in International Relations with a focus on International Economics from George Washington University. Ten years later, he received a Master’s Degree in Economics from Fordham University.

Adam Goldin has brought his passion to a number of careers. From 1995 to 1997, Goldin worked as a Research Assistant at the Hudson Institute in Washington D.C. There he used his economics background to analyze SEC 10K reports of mortgage lender and to examine lending criteria of community development lending programs. He then worked at the Welfare to Work Partnership, where he was the Senior Director of Community Affairs. In this position, he led a multi-city project to help move people from welfare to work.

In 2002, Goldin joined the team at Moody’s Investors Service. He began as a Senior Associate within the Public Finance Regional Ratings Group. With hard work and determination, Goldin moved up to the position of Associate Analyst within the Public Finance Regional Ratings Group. His duties included analyzing the credit risk of municipal securities, managing relationships with financial advisors, and much more.

Goldin then went on to work at Financial Guaranty Insurance Company from 2002 to 2009. He worked in a number of positions and his hard work paid off when he was promoted to the position of Vice President of Public Finance. In this position, he priced deals, assessed municipal bond credit risk, and evaluated variable rate deals.

In July of 2010, Adam Goldin began working as an economist at Moody Analytics, a position which he holds today. In this position, his duties include writing round-ups of recent European macroeconomics performance, analyzing global financial markets, and writing Canadian economic commentaries. He also provides real-time analysis of high-frequency macroeconomics indicators for the U.S. and Canada.

One thing that makes Goldin stand out in the field of economics is his keen affinity for writing. Many economists get caught up in crunching numbers, but Goldin enjoys using his writing skills to simplify complex economic developments. Add to that his expertise in economics, history and foreign affairs, and one can clearly see that Goldin takes a holistic approach to his career.

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