Adam Goldin is an economist at Moody Analytics.

Here you’ll find European macroeconomics performance, analysis of global financial markets, and Canadian economic commentaries, as well as real-time analysis of high-frequency macroeconomics indicators for the U.S. and Canada.

“The devastating Alberta wildfires will have steep economic costs. The fires, searing more than 210,000 acres, have destroyed or damaged about 1,600 structures…”

Alberta Wildfires Scorch the Economy

Adam Goldin, Author,

“Exchange rate market participants are increasingly worried that currency market liquidity is drying up, despite the market’s mammoth $5.3 trillion…”

Currency Market Volatility Rises

Adam Goldin, Author,

“The devastating wildfire sweeping across Alberta will have steep economic costs. There could be permanent displacement of evacuees; Fort McMurray was…”

Alberta After the Fires

Adam Goldin, Author,

“Temporary influences on inflation should dissipate this year. Canadian headline consumer prices are estimated to have risen 1.4% year over year in March, while core prices are estimated to have risen 1.7%.”

Rising Oil Prices to Lift Canada's Headline Inflation

Adam Goldin, Author,

“Actual, previous and consensus values with detailed economic analysis for United States Treasury International Capital Flows.”

United States: Treasury International Capital Flows

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“Actual, previous and consensus values with detailed economic analysis for Canada International Transactions in Securities.”

Canada: International Transactions in Securities

Adam Goldin, Author,


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“With the new government budget much more focused on deficit spending rather than austerity, that will boost the economy even more,” said Adam Goldin, an economist at Moody’s Analytics. “There is actually an upside potential, not a big one, that rates could go higher a little bit faster because of the budget deficits.”

Canadian Bonds Lose Most in One Year as Traders Switch Rate Bets

Maciej Onoszko, Author, Bloomberg

“The Liberals believe their plan will be revenue neutral, but this is uncertain since wealthy taxpayers often find ways to avoid paying new, higher rates, especially since the increase will send combined federal and provincial tax rates above 50 per cent in half of the provinces,” said Moody’s Analytics economist Adam Goldin.

Will Canada's wealthy skirt Justin Trudeau's tax hikes?

Michael Babad, Author, The Globe and Mail

“Said economist Adam Goldin: “Because the new tax law did not grandfather in deals that were already under contract, anecdotal evidence of…”

The risks (and rewards) of living in Ontario and British Columbia

Michael Babad, Author, The Globe and Mail

“Exports have not seen such an appreciable rise, although the currency, the Canadian currency has fallen about ten percent over the last year”, said the report’s author Adam Goldin.

Exports showing signs of life, but what took so long?

Vassy Kapelos, Author, Global News

“Wealth inequality in Canada has increased,” Adam Goldin, an economist at Moody’s Analytics said. “But compared with other nations, the widening was minor.”

Hudson’s Bay, Dollarama thrive as Canada’s retail landscape shifts

Jamie Sturgeon, Author, Global News


Sources: Changes in wealth across the income distribution, 1999 to 2012, Statistics Canada; Canada’s Wealth Distribution Barely Moves, Moody’s Analytics Research, Adam Goldin.

Housing boom a boon for Canada’s poorest

David Hodges, Author, MoneySense

“Economist Adam Goldin parsed the numbers released from Statistics Canada this week that show total Canadian net worth (in constant 2012 dollars) rose $4.2 trillion from 1999 to 2012 with the largest gains going to households in the top 20 per cent income bracket.”

Poorer Canadians getting more of a wealth boost from real estate than top earners

Garry Marr, Author, Financial Post

“Adam Goldin, an economist at Moody’s Analytics, a company that assesses economic data, told us it’s incorrect to say the D.C. area hasn’t had a recession.”

2016 GOP candidate Mike Huckabee says DC region 'never has a recession'

Sean Gorman, Author, PolitiFact

“Finally, some encouraging news for the little guy: while the latest StatsCan data shows the income gap between Canada’s poorest and richest widened slightly between 1999 and 2012, lower-income families benefited more from the housing boom.”

The housing boom has been better for low-income Canadians

David Hodges, Author, Canadian Business

“Moody’s Analytics says British Columbia’s new tax on foreigners in the metro Vancouver area will do little to improve affordability for the middle class.”

Here’s why Vancouver’s property tax on foreigners won’t work

Garry Marr, Author, Financial Post